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Often the most interesting and spectacular places we want to visit are also some of the most ecologically and culturally sensitive in the world. EPIcURIOUS travel believes that through our commitment to responsible and ethical tourism it is possible for these uniquely special places and communities to remain special, protected and benefit directly from visitation.


In Australia and overseas we aim to support and benefit the communities into which we venture and ensure no negative social, economic or environmental impact results from our visit.


We achieve this by keeping our group numbers very low, using locally owned suppliers, local guides and staying in small-scale accommodation where available.  We ensure the communities we visit do receive the economic benefit and are not overwhelmed by our presence.


Travelling with EPIcURIOUS you will encounter authentic experiences and meaningful connections with the local people giving you a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues.


The East West Overseas Aid Foundation

EPIcURIOUS travel supports The East West Overseas Aid Foundation  , through contributions to its annual fund raising. The East West Foundation is an Australian volunteer driven organisation, founded by Dr Natteri V Chandran in 1992. Its mission and vision is to ease the suffering of poor and disadvantaged people in developing countries through a range of relief and development initiatives.

Friends of the Larapinta

EPIcURIOUS travel supports Friends of the Larapinta, a not for profit group dedicated to promoting and looking after the Larapinta Trail.  Friends of the Larapinta organise events, workshops and working bees bringing passionate community members together to achieve conservation goals and ongoing improvement of the Larapinta Trail.