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Adrien has been a lead guide with Epicurious travel for many seasons on the Larapinta trail and has been involved in the development of our new itineraries in the Cotswolds, Scotland and more recently Tasmania. She is one of our most accomplished guides, with extensive experience guiding in Australia and New Zealand and qualifications in Leadership & Guiding, Outdoor Recreation, Rafting and Tourism. Adrien’s home base is Tasmania, where she guides during the warmer months, and has been instrumental in the establishment of an association for guides in Tasmania. In May 2019 Adrien spent time traversing the numerous walking trails in the Cotswolds to assist us in choosing the most outstanding walking options and activities for this new tour, and has been actively involved in developing the nature based elements of our south east Tasmania tour. In her limited free time, Adrien is also an avid international traveller, trekking and exploring many diverse and interesting destinations.


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