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Explore some of the lesser known regions of India to discover lost dynasties, magnificent Bengal tigers and the ancient Hindu traditions in Varanasi. Celebrate modern India in exhilarating Mumbai.

Activity Level: Easy

relaxed walking for up to two hours per day

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Discover Timeless India on our 2020 Indian Odyssey. Dynasties, Tigers and Traditions will explore some lesser known regions and cities of India including the magnificent Mughal city of Hyderabad, centre of the Nizam dynasty until the 1950s, the lost Kingdom of Hampi to discover the power of the Vijayanagara Empire and Bandhavgarh NP to catch sight of the incredible Bengal Tiger in the wild. We experience ancient Hindu customs and traditions in the Holy City of Varanasi before embracing the exciting modern metropolis of Mumbai.


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Jennifer Wilkinson Owner / Director

Jennifer has a life-long passion for food, wine and travel. Following a successful career in economics and industrial relations, she left…

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