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Discover the medieval world of Umbria on this intimate tour- its magical hilltop towns, and verdant heart of forests, mountains and fields. Visit unique galleries and artisan studios.

Activity Level: Moderate

Walking 1-4hrs daily

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This tour takes us on an intimate journey into the medieval world of Umbria, the only landlocked region in Italy, through its most important cities, its magical hilltop towns, and its verdant heart of forests, mountains and fields. Nature and art enjoy a particularly harmonious relationship here.

We visit the Sibillini Mountains, which offer a very special ‘natural amphitheatre’, unique in all of Europe, and in springtime experience the spectacular display of wildflowers on the Piano Grande (Great Plain). We explore Castelluccio di Norcia, a farming community living at 1453m in this area, made famous by Zeffirelli’s film: Brother Sun, Sister Moon. Our accommodation is in renowned hotels and home-style villas.

We experience the language, learn the secrets of Umbrian cuisine, visit galleries and artisan studios, walk through areas of outstanding natural beauty and historical significance and participate in cultural festivities where possible. For those who love to explore a region and its people in depth and have a romantic inclination for the past, this tour is for you.

Food & Wine

We celebrate simplicity in Umbria, indulging in hearty breakfasts and outdoor picnics of the freshest breads, cheeses, meats, seasonal vegetables, and fruit. We also dine in trattorias, visit quaint cafes and meet local food and wine producers.


~ Step into history at Castelluccio di Norcia, a farming community untouched by modern ways
~ Visit unique galleries and traditional artisan studios
~ Dine in trattorias, sip regional wines and taste famous black truffle, superb olive oil and cheeses

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