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Meet the team at EPIcURIOUS travel, who collaborate to provide a seamless, personalized service on each and every memorable journey.


Jennifer Wilkinson Owner / Director

Jennifer has a life-long passion for food, wine and travel. Following a successful career in economics and industrial relations, she left her profession to pursue her passions. After a year travelling and working in Europe, Jennifer returned to Australia and purchased a historic property in Beechworth, North East Victoria, which she turned into the highly acclaimed gourmet retreat, Finches of Beechworth. After 12 rewarding years at Finches she sold the business and established EPIcURIOUS travel, which combines Jennifer’s love for active travel with her expertise in providing great food, wine and hospitality. Jennifer is directly involved in her business, sometimes guiding and cooking on her Australian trips, as well as leading her tours in India, Italy, Spain and Peru. When she’s not travelling you will find Jennifer testing out new restaurants, finding the best local coffee ( Code Black is her favourite at the moment) and walking her dog Zephyr.

Meredith Zavattiero

Meredith joined EPIcURIOUS in June 2016 to provide administrative support. With a diverse career spent largely in the hotel and wholesale travel industries, Meredith brings a comprehensive understanding of the behind the scenes requirements for organizing seamless travel.

Together with her husband and two daughters, and occasionally even her dog, Meredith has travelled widely, whether it be extended explorations through Europe or simple cycling & camping expeditions within Australia, and is always dreaming of her next adventure.


Vanessa Perica

Vanessa is Croatian by blood, Italophile by nature. A trained jazz composer, who specialises in big band writing, she has enjoyed roles in the arts with the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Australian National Academy of Music and the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Vanessa is delighted to now have a change of scenery with Epicurious Travel, where she can focus on her other passions in life – good food, wine, coffee, architecture and travel. Her position is administrative support and assisting with our marketing strategy.

Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan is one of regional Australia’s most respected chefs. With partner Jeanette Henderson, he is the owner of Provenance Restaurant in Beechworth, north-east Victoria, which in 2013 won Best Regional restaurant with Michael named as Chef of the Year. Michael has travelled and lived in Japan where he developed a passion for the intricacies of Japanese cuisine and culture. Michael’s warm and engaging nature is perfectly suited to leading culinary journeys. He is described as “generously sharing his deep knowledge and passion for Japan.”  His personal connections to prominent locals in the fast changing food and sake scene allow him to showcase the very best of Japan to guests.

Alok Singh

Alok has worked with EPIcURIOUS travel for 5 years – he is “our man on the ground in India.” Residing in Delhi, Alok has worked in the luxury travel industry for over 13 years designing, researching and leading tours in his beloved country. He was a professional cricketer as a young man and still holds an immense passion for the game and loves to play wherever the opportunity arises. His other loves are history, culture and Indian food. He is a fabulous travelling companion who brings gregarious to a whole new level.

Jen Andrew

Jen is passionate about supporting people keen to explore some of Australia’s most extraordinary places on foot. Jen grew up bushwalking and camping in Victoria, but has since made Tasmania home, drawn by the allure of great walking.  She spends the summer season guiding in Tasmania, and heads to the incredible arid zone for the winter season. Jen has been guiding multi-day bushwalks for nine seasons, so understands how rewarding and rejuvenating adventures in the bush can be. The beautiful and powerful Red Centre has captured her heart, and Jen will return to lead the Larapinta season with EPIcURIOUS in 2018. With regards to food, Jen delights in delivering EPIcURIOUS’ outstanding menu in the most magical of dining rooms.

Rosa Maria Falvo

Rosa Maria Falvo is an independent writer and curator, living between Italy and Australia since 2000. She has been based in Milan for the last 8 years, working as an international commissions editor for major fine arts publishers. Specializing in Asian and Middle Eastern contemporary art, Rosa works closely with authors, artists, photographers and galleries in the creation, production, and promotion of book and exhibition projects. Rosa travels regularly throughout the world, and curates exhibitions of the work of a variety of contemporary artists.

She guided Amalfi Coast and Tuscany trips for Butterfield & Robinson, and later began her longstanding collaboration with Epicurious Travel back in 2004. She has guided our Camino trip several times, as well as Umbria and Tuscany. Rosa is helping in the development of our new Northern Italy trip, which she will lead with Jennifer in June 2018.

The Office Director

The Epicurious travel office would positively fall apart without the continuous support and vigilance of ‘The Office Director’, aka Zephyr. Presiding over daily duties from his Director’s chair, Zephyr ensures new visitors are thoroughly vetted, boundaries are safe and secure and a sense of calm is maintained in the office by offering free tummy rubs and hugs. The Director’s other skills include recycling: shredding papers and tipping up bins to ensure no tasty morsels go to waste, conserving energy: sleeping – a lot, and looking generally pretty spunky. It’s a hard job, but somedoggy’s got to do it.