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Food, wine & walking

The creation of the concept of our food, wine and walking journeys started with our tour in Northern Italy in 2018. The emphasis on sensational food and wine in this region was so perfectly juxtaposed against the beautiful scenery of the magnificent lakes in Lombardia and the breathtaking landscapes of the Dolomite mountains, the connection was ideal. These journeys have varying levels of walking and it is not an insignificant element of the tour but regional cuisine and the culinary delights of the towns and cities along the way, are also an important part of the experience. Not to mention taking in the magnificent landscapes and scenic wonders.


Culinary Adventures

Our unique culinary journeys through Italy, Peru, Spain, Japan, India and Australia offer the opportunity to not only taste some of the most outstanding food and wine on the planet, but to also gain a deeper understanding of the culture of the destinations we are visiting. 

Cuisine, culture, history and demography are inextricably linked and our local guides and experts help uncover some of these fascinating connections  giving us a deeper insight into the regions and countries we are travelling through. 


Iconic Walks

Walking has always been at the heart of our business. From Epicurious travel's inception, walking has been an essential element in many of our tours from the Larapinta trail - which is more trekking than walking, to our magnificent walks in the Dolomites region of Northern Italy. As we have matured, along with many of our guests, we have gradually introduced a range of journeys that integrate some walking into what would predominately be culinary and cultural experiences.

Our walking journeys in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Bhutan offer a wonderful way to explore remote places and to discover the joy of moving through a landscape on foot so we can intimately experience the rich cultural and physical environment around us.
 Walking can also be a great leveller; it brings people from diverse backgrounds to a common activity that they all enjoy, and as a consequence many new friendships are made. 


Cultural Discoveries

Experiencing different cultures can broaden our knowledge and understanding, challenge our beliefs and sometimes change our life perspective. Our tours to destinations like India, Bhutan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan are deeply committed to revealing and respecting local culture and traditions. 

Our approach has always been to engage the highest quality local experts to share their knowledge of the history, traditions and beliefs of the communities we are visiting. We encourage our guests to embrace cultural difference and diversity with an open mind and heart, and to try and leave behind our personal values and prejudices when we travel. Our experiences will be far more enriching if we adopt this perspective.



Wellness retreats are in abundance across the world from luxury spas to dedicated ayurvedic hospitals. At Epicurious travel our favourite wellness retreat is Vana, situated in the foothills of the beautiful Himalaya in northern India and close to the source of the Ganges River. This experience can be added to a pre-existing small-group tour to India or private itinerary.


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