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EPIcURIOUS travel offers a selective range of intimate journeys in hand-picked destinations around the world. Designed to reveal the true spirit of a region, our luxury tours explore local cuisine, culture and landscapes, providing travel experiences that are immersive, inspiring and deeply rewarding.


Fabulous Food & Wine

Great food and wine is one of our most important hallmarks. It is our passion and we see no need to compromise on this fundamental element in experiential travel – even in the remotest of locations. It is not only vital in making the difference between a good holiday and a sensational one, it is an integral element of the cultural landscape and essential to having an authentic experience – not a homogenous one.

Being Active

Walking gives us the chance to slow down and acquaint ourselves with the people, culture and natural beauty of the area we are travelling in. It provides the opportunity to explore remote destinations, relishing the tranquility and beauty of the landscape, allowing time to enjoy its flora and fauna, and become truly immersed in the experience.

Small & Personal

EPIcURIOUS travel is a small, owner-operated company providing highly personalised service, attention to detail and the genuine desire to fulfil their client’s travel dreams. Jennifer Wilkinson, Company Director, is actively involved in all elements of the business ensuring that the hallmarks of our brand are achieved and continually enhanced.

A Touch of Luxury

We believe there is an enormous sense of luxury in rarity and the privilege of being in a remote, sensitive area doing things not many people get to experience. It is often the small things that add to the luxury of these moments, like the cosy woollen underlay in our swags on the Larapinta trail, our choice of small, boutique hotels or beautiful picnic lunches in idyllic locations. These luxurious but not opulent touches make us stand out from the crowd.

Authentic Experiences

Our tours are designed to immerse you in the local culture and landscape, to reveal the true spirit of a region and offer you a travel experience that is inspiring, unique and deeply rewarding. Homogeneity and standardised travel is the antithesis of our style. We like to venture beyond the beaten tourist path and delve deeper, connecting with people in ways that enrich their lives and ours.

EPIcURIOUS travel’s Expertise

Attention to detail is paramount on an EPIcURIOUS tour. Our dedicated, talented and enthusiastic team of guides and local experts ensure nothing is left to chance and no curiosity is left unexplored. Our journeys have dedicated local guides in each country who are experts in their field, and depending on group size, often one of our Australian team will be part of the journey, offering a balance of local expertise and EPIcURIOUS style.