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Meredith joined EPIcURIOUS in June 2016 initially to provide administrative support but has moved on to become involved in every aspect of our business. With a diverse career spent largely in the hotel and wholesale travel industries, Meredith brought with her the skills for organising seamless travel. Having travelled widely, both within Australia and internationally, in recent years Meredith has visited Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos, Norway & Russia, the USA and spent 3-months meandering from London to Rome. These journeys, both with family and as a solo traveller, have broadened Meredith’s perspective, whether as the service provider or the client. Garnering a deeper understanding of other cultures, different styles of travel and an appreciation for adding nuance to an itinerary have expanded Meredith’s love for travel and enable her to share her natural enthusiasm with our clients. Always dreaming of her next adventure, top of the list are southern Spain, Iceland, Costa Rica and Patagonia.


Jennifer Wilkinson



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