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 As a dog lover and someone who enjoys taking photos of dogs in different corners of the world, I thought this would be a simple story to start our “stay at home” travel series.




Part of the pleasure I receive in taking these photos is to reassure myself and many others who are concerned about the neglect of dogs in India, that the situation is not all negative. Although it is true there is hardship for street dogs all over India, there are many, many circumstances where I see the love and devotion that Indians have for not only their own dogs but for street dogs.
For me it speaks to the sense of humanity of Indian people that they will place food, blankets and water out for street dogs. I also enjoy watching the different behavioural patterns of India’s street dogs who lead a rough and tough life but often hang out in small packs, as dogs love to do and just enjoy getting up to mischief.

Snoozing on a park bench – Shimla

Perfect place to hang out in the backstreets of the historic centre of Ahmedabad

Sublime scooter comfort – Ahmedabad

Confidence personified – Ahmedabad

Helping sell potatoes in the market – Ahmedabad

Taking an afternoon nap in the market – Amritsar
Please do not disturb!

A pack snooze before hitting the town – Shimla

The contented life at Khan market – New Delhi

Fit for purpose – Bandra, Mumbai

Thanks for the leftovers – Ahmedabad

Someone cares – Ahmedabad

I suspect this fellow started the trend of #dogsonscooters – Ahmedabad

Any port in a storm – Ahmedabad

Much loved – a village in Rajasthan

Eterno is the best! – Ahmadabad

No deliveries today – Ahmedabad

Enjoying the winter sun – Ahmedabad

A very spoilt street dog – Amritsar

Overfed – Khan Market, New Delhi

An alpha male who’s had a few biffs in his life, has now decided it’s time to settle down – Kolkata

Bloody labradors they’re the same the world over (not a street dog)Rajasthan

Life in the Old Town of Jodhpur

Only in Varanasi – not sure what’s more impressive, the high top fade or the huge dog riding on a motor bike! (a bike dog not a street dog)

Winter on the street in Shahpur Jat – Delhi (privileged “street dogs”)

In the gardens of the Taj Mahal – Agra

Afternoon nap in a village near Chhatrasagar

Somewhat dingoesque – Darjeeling


Jennifer Wilkinson


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