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Welcome to EPIcURIOUS travel stories – a  resource for you to discover stories about our favourite destinations, experiences, history, culture and cuisine from different corners of the world.

Walking the Camino de Santiago


The Camino de Santiago pays homage to the time-honoured adage that life is about the journey and not the destination….

A picture tells a thousand words. Northern Italy tour June 2019


The Golden Eagle Festival& The Gobi Desert


Mongolia: In search of Eagles and Dragons The magnet for my journey to Mongolia was the Golden Eagle Festival which…

Cusco City

Why we love Peru


In recent years Peru has gradually moved away from being almost soley a Machu Picchu destination, yet it seems much…

Vana Retreatin India


In January 2014 Vana Retreat, after many years of thought, dedication, creativity and building, quietly and humbly opened its doors…