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A Month of Discoveryin Peru, Chile and Mexico


I recently returned from a whirlwind exploration of new properties in southern Chile, the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico City and a…

larapinta trail

Writer and Photographer Cam Copeon the Larapinta Trail


Words & images by Cam Cope There aren’t too many wake-up calls that rely on charm to rouse you at…

serai outdoor dining

No Food Milesat THE SERAI, Jaisalmer


We found ourselves at the Serai as part of a private tour that Jennifer arranged for us to celebrate a…



Setting one foot in front of the other, my boots hit the rocky path in perfect rhythm. The trance-like momentum…

camino walking tour

Discoveries Along theCamino de Santiago


It pays homage to the time-honoured adage that life is about the journey and not the destination. So much of…