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This glorious journey explores the villages, countryside, gardens and castles of the spectacular Cotswolds. Beautiful walks, outstanding accommodation and delicious food are some of the highlights.

The Cotswolds epitomise the romantic notion of the classic English rural scene of rolling green hills, pretty honey-coloured stone villages, tranquil wooded valleys, sparkling streams, magnificent manor houses and historic gardens and castles. This romantic impression represents the exact reality of this beautiful region.

The wool merchants of the Middle Ages were instrumental in the region’s significant wealth, producing a large proportion of England’s best wool. Abbeys and monasteries raised huge flocks of native sheep, renowned for their long fleece and hardy nature. At the height of the wool trade, nearly 150 mills produced this famous fabric and enormous and opulent wool churches were built across the region by wealthy wool merchants and still stand today.

It’s over half a century since the Cotswolds was declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) covering nearly 800 square miles across five counties. Today the protection of this area has clearly paid off as the glorious towns and villages, historic churches, evidence of Neolithic and Bronze age monuments and Roman habitation, appear to have slipped into the 21st Century with little interference.

There is no better way to embrace this captivating area than on foot. Explore not only the spectacular landscape of this stunning region but also delve into the history, culture and cuisine of this alluring corner of rural England.

Undertake picturesque walks, visit outstanding gardens and historic monuments and explore the most exceptional villages in each location.

Spend time in villages and towns uncovering the historic and cultural connections that have been instrumental in making the Cotswold a national treasure.



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