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Designed and led by Epicurious Travel Director Jennifer Wilkinson and supported by local specialist guides, this fabulous journey celebrates the rich history, outstanding cuisine and sensational wines of this charming region.

Piedmont is Italy’s second-largest region and one of its most important historically and economically. The region borders France and Switzerland and sits at the foot of a series of Alpine valleys; the name Piemonte literally means “foot of the mountain.” Home to FIAT, Lavazza coffee and Nutella, it is also the birthplace of the Slow Food Movement which celebrates the quality and simplicity of local gastronomy and small-scale agriculture. Italian unification started in Piedmont with the help of the House of Savoy, the ruling house of Italy for almost 100 years. Torino is the region’s capital, and was named the nation’s first capital city, prior to Rome.

Piedmont is a veritable Epicurean paradise. Home of the renowned and rare white truffle, it’s also synonymous with hazelnuts, creamy cheeses, prolific rice fields, specialty desserts and of course the exquisite regional wines of Barolo and Barbaresco made from the prized Nebbiolo grape. It is the quintessential location for our latest food, wine and walking journey.

The capital city of Torino is captivating with magnificent architecture, unique museums and galleries and delicious cuisine. The added bonus it is still a hidden gem far from the madding tourist crowds of Florence or Rome. It offers the perfect entry point to explore the spectacular rolling valleys of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato which are covered in cultivated vineyards interrupted only by hilltop towns, sleepy hamlets and ancient castles. This landscape offers us the ideal setting for beautiful walks, slow lunches and delicious wine tastings, the essence of this journey.

Our final destination is overlooking Lake Orta, one of the most peaceful and serene of Italy’s northern lakes. Staying lakeside we have the opportunity to relax and embrace the beauty and diversity of Piedmont.

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